Thursday, March 29, 2001

A very rare look into the life of Kate Bush. She's one of our all time fav's.
Ahhh, the reality of Reality TV... gotta love it.
Not much going on around here except for all the extra emails and meetings that come wih the new responsibilities...
Tonight I shall brainstorm with the DA2G'ers. Tomorrow I shall golf.

I had to send a client an email today about paying up. Whenever I have to do that I can't help but think about that part in Goodfellas: Your mom's in the hospital and your kids are sick? **** you, pay me. LOL

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Can you believe all the crap going on in Cali lately? It makes it a little easier to be glad I got out of there.
It's been a very interesting week at work. I'm pretty excited about it all. No new news really... doing an interview for a zine in L.A., having a meeting with the other DA2er's tomorrow night and a round of 18 on Friday afternoon. I hate to sound like a cheese ball but, life is good.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Ok all you duffers, Mary, Queen of Scots, didn't have it this good!
In case you get bored or your significant other suggest you "do something different" on your next night out: Stop by here.
I'm not sure how to blog this without stepping on toes that might read it, etc. but;

I've had a challenge here at the work place for the last 2-3 months that was making me question my future here, not because of my skills or anything like that but because of the picture this challenge was bent on painting of me.

Well, yesturday that challenge removed themselves from here and how they removed themselves took away any doubt that I or anyone else for that matter, might have had regarding my longevity here and today, minutes ago, I was offered their position. In fact, I would be doing both their role and mine. I am very excited, humbled and grateful. I say this:

I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders.
I will be glad and exult in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.
When my enemies turn back, They stumble and perish before You.
For You have maintained my just cause; You have sat on the throne judging righteously.
The LORD also will be a stronghold for the oppressed, A stronghold in times of trouble;
And those who know Your name will put their trust in You, For You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.
Psalms 9

Monday, March 26, 2001

Let me give you some unsolicited advice:

1. Never - NEVER, I don't care who it's for, if there's money involved, never do ANYTHING without a contract. You're better off if you "insult" them upfront by whipping out a contract and waiting for them to sign it before you do ANYTHING. That way, in 5 months when they're trying to screw you...

2. Never - NEVER assume your people understand #1.

3. For those of you in the market for a "web site", take note:
� wasn't built in 3 weeks
� wasn't built in Dreamweaver, FrontPage OR GoLive. If it was, isn'
� wasn't built for $5k. If it was, isn'
�, in spite of what you think you know, you couldn't build in 4 hours using Dreamweaver, FrontPage OR GoLive. If you could, wouldn't be

whew... this thing is handy... LOL
"It's Monday
You slither down the greasy pipe
So far so good no one saw you
Hobble over any freeway
You will be like your dreams tonight"

I haven't heard that song in quite awhile.
Another great dinner with friends at what has become "Soprano Sunday" at our house (pix to come). Another great episode. Can you believe Ray Liotta recently turned down a part in the Sopranos to concentrate on his film career? I think he had an issue with working for people that had bit parts in Goodfellas. It's not like he's made anything noteworthy in the last 3+ years.

Sunday, March 25, 2001

The Contender was good.

I had a very lazy day today. See ya

Saturday, March 24, 2001

I put up an animated .gif and blogvoices. Hopefully you'll use them.

My CF programmer, Kim, showed up around midday in a Ryder with his new bride. They didn't stay very long considering they came straight here and she still hadn't seen her new house. If all goes well we'll (we'll = our little shop. it presently consist of Kim, Sean and myself. Sean's a scratch golfer...) should have 3 new gigs within the next month or so. One of them you've heard of but I'll wait to share until it happens.

Going downstairs to watch The Contender on DVD. I'll tell you if it sucks.
Good Morning

Interesting... I've had about 70 hits in the last 20 hours.

My CF programmer was suppose to pull in last night from NJ in a UHaul truck with his week old bride. They never showed and they haven't called. I hope all is ok.

Rain today. No golf

Friday, March 23, 2001

Doesn't this seem a little extreme?: "mad sheep" seized in Vermont

I'm all for public safety but tests are expected to take two to three years!
I wrote a huge entry and lost it when I tried to post -

I was saying how bored I was here at work with little to do and I thought I'd share a little so, here I go again.

- I'm a So Cal native
- I've been in Texas for the last 6.5 years (another story)
- I just turned 37
- I'm married with 3 children
- we just bought a bitchin' house
- I'm ready to go back into the studio.

For the last 30 months I've been an Internet guy fulltime. I do frontend design/production with middleware/backend integration. I've done alot of contract/freelance, some gig's with firms and I have my own shop that specializes in rich media/entertainment type web work. I've been contracting for the last 4 months at a global conglomerates' Internet shop here in Dallas as an advisor/integrator. The money is good.

Prior to the Fall of '98, I was a "rock-star". I recorded records for record companies, I was on the radio, I toured the country, etc., etc., etc.. I've had the priveledge of working with some amazing talent, I have the loyalist of fans and I've been an innovator in my own right.

The hardest part about my new "eLife" is hearing about some legit rock star that's a fan of my work or that I've influenced someway while I'm stuck doing the 9 to 5. Or I hear about how so and so is on tour, doing the festival circuit or I'll be asked to do the same but I'm "stuck" doing the day job routine...

There are at least 3 things that get me through the day in my new eLife...
2. My family is intact, and
3. I've done a lot more in the last 15 years and have had a lot more success doing it then the majority of those trying today and/or tomorrow.

How lucky can a guy get?

BTW: #1 will come up in this blog eventually.

P.S. Don't mis-understand me. I am extremely happy with and in my eLife... somedays I just need to remind myself.
Ever wondered if your Home Theater system was up to par? Find out here.
I just got into work.

My youngest daughter, S (11) , had the tubes in her ears removed this morning. I went with her and my wife, T. They gave her some medication to help ease her before going under. I must say it was pretty hilarious watching and listening to her as it kicked in. The actual proceedure took less then 15 mins but it took her well over 30 mins to wake up and then another very uncomfortable 30 mins watching her come out of it.

I was actually feeling light headed and queesy as she wept and mumbled in her extrememly disoriented state. It was horrible. She finally started coming around after shooting her up with something to combat the anathesia (sp?). It wasn't fun.

She's doing good and gave me the ok to come into work after promising her that I'd take her to Olive Garden for dinner tonight. She's grown up so fast... Oh yeah, she took her doodle teddy bear in with her and had all the nurses and doctors sign it. Her comfort zone.

For the record: My oldet daughter, X (yes, her name really starts with an X) is 14.5 and her brother C is 12.5. I've been living with T for 16 yrs now. We've been married 13 yrs this October.


Thursday, March 22, 2001

Well... I've actually spent time working on this.

I have friends downstairs over for dinner who have started the movie without me.

I've got to go.
Is this thing going to get me in trouble?

ok. I think I have this figured out.

I do want to add a textured background of some kind after wrapping this dynamic page within a frameset which will allow me to make manual updates such as recent desktop, CD's, DVD's, etc., like my brother Drew has done.

He suggested that I blog months ago, so... thanks Drew. Let's see where this takes me.