Thursday, August 31, 2006

083106 and counting

A missile-defense test was cancelled today due to fog... that doesn't make me confident in our national defense capabilities especially when Bush says world faces 'grave threat' from Iran. Hmmmm....

Let me see if I can find something light to talk about...

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You're fired!

You know it's closer to the end of the world when this happens!

I thought Carolyn made the show. This girl is tough!

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Last Days

Movie: Last Days

Review: A movie about losers, by losers, for losers.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

the last 90

Another 3 months has gone by... man...

In June, Xaundelle turned 20 while in France and Corin turned 18 in July. Yes, I really am that old.

Freelance has been steady and I really enjoy the variation of skill sets used and the various projects. It's not just the same thing day in and day out. It's been too hot to go out and take photos and I'm chomping at the bit to do so...

If all these URL's are confusing you, here's a basic site map: My professional portfolio and blog. I use this to convince people to pay me the big bucks! I haven’t really done any work under this business entity in over 1.5 years. I keep it alive for obvious reasons but it’s not really being used. When we started RA, we worked this thing like mad for about 15-18 months but like every other venture of mine, the lack of team loyalty/commitment kept it from really becoming what it could have become.

What’s up with this town and the lack of loyalty/commitment? I can site the lack of loyalty/commitment for every failed venture I’ve been involved with here in DFW. It wasn’t like that in Los Angeles and I’m a much nicer guy now…

I’m smart and I’ve come up with some brilliant ideas - interactive business models, etc. but my inability to put together a stellar team has kept everyone of these ideas from taking off. Have you ever heard of YouTube? YouTube provides a platform for possible virile video. Hell, even VH1 has a show about virile videos! I came up with an amazing virile video business model back in ’99. It was so good that we had meetings with VC’s in SF. Was I able to get it off the ground and to the bank? No. Why? I couldn’t put a strong team together. Ever hear of advertising for podcasting? Again, a great biz model way back in Feb. of ’05… dead… and now with Web 2.0 I’m eager to try it again. Build a model, slap BETA on it and work it for 15 months. But once again it’ll take a loyal and committed team to see it through. I can only do so much alone…

So after working the hell out of RA we launched Podcast Media and after that failed, in 12/05 I said screw it and went freelance. Anyone know how to add freelance freedom and dollars with a great team and build an amazing Web 2.0 money maker? Email me. This is my professional photography portfolio. This is my photoblog. My personal blog for the last 5+ years

The words Global War, WWlll and die Israel are news fodder at the moment. Iran wants the freedom to carry a nuke and would like to see the USA and Israel off the face of the earth…now…

Don’t be fooled. With our dependence (read: financial support of Iran/Hezbollah) on Middle East Oil and the surge of illegal, not undocumented, immigration going unchecked by all, it’s easier to see why we’re (the USA) not really mentioned in the Rev of John. Why would we be?

It’s taking more then a year for us to fix New Orleans (I’m not even going to go there) even with all the billions that were raised after Katrina. Within 10 days of the cease fire, Hezbollah is handing out tens of thousands of brand new crisp dollar bills to citizens with damaged property. Yes, crisp dollar bills.

By the way, these brand new bills aren’t from the 230 Million Bush promised Lebanon. These bills are from Iran’s oil profits. Go USA!!!

So much for the last 90…

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