Friday, June 29, 2001

So we're off to Ar kansas this afternoon with the JA's. Doing a little RV'in' in hopes of doing some fishing.

That's my only goal this weekend; fishing. The lake we're going to, Lake Quachita, claims "...stripers and trout can be enjoyed in open waters and quiet coves.". We'll see.

I'll proabably rent a boat for the day after picking the brains of the marina locals in hopes of getting my fly line wet. The weather forecast doesn't look good for the entire weekend so, wish me luck.

Ooops. Some people just shouldn't golf.
How much does this suck? I'd be pissed if I was in the band. Can you say Yoko?

Monday, June 25, 2001

You've got to be kidding.
If you got into an accident while driving this car, no worries... they would just bury you in it.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

There are way to many crimes against children in this state.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Bad Brains...

T saw Gary (Dr Know) walking around. I was bowling. She pointed him out and I decided I'd go say hi even though I had told myself I wouldn't approach the band. It's been almost 10 years since I've had anything to do with H.R. and a good 12 years since I've hung out with the band. I really didn't expect Gary to remember me.

As he walked by me I said "Dr". He stopped, said hello, we shook hands and I told him he proabably didn't remember me. He said I looked familiar and asked me my name. I told him Ramald from Los Angeles. His reaction was so cute, T said. He gave me that Dr Know grin of his, pulled back and lowered his body as if fainting, still holding my hand and said, "Ramald!. How are you?" and proceeded to give me big ol' hugs. It was cool.

He asked if I had said hello to H.R. and Earl yet. I said I hadn't and that I was just there to see the show and I proabably wouldn't and would he not tell H.R. that I was there. He said, "You know you're bound to speak to each other eventually". I said yeah, but... and then he got all mischievious about it, telling me he was going to tell H.R., etc. We talked for about 10 mins about things and then he went to the bar and his cell phone. I went back to my game (bowling).

When he got off his cell I asked him if he'd like to join us at our table. He said H.R. just walked in, he's over there, go say hi. I was, no. I'm not sure if he'd appreciate it, etc. and Gary was like, "that's what I'm trying to tell you, it's all good, blah, blah, blah...". So I said alright.

Joseph (H.R.) was playing this skateboarder game. I was watching him. When he finished he started to walk by me so I said, "Joseph, my brother". He stopped and looked and you should have seen the look of horror and surprise on his face. He stepped back, his body shook and he grabbed his chest and said, "RaMALD...". It was hilarious. He was so surprised to see me standing there, it actually took him mins to finally be able to extend his hand and then hug me.

We made some small talk. Brought him over to our table where T was. He looked like he still couldn't believe that he was seeing us. It was so funny. He asked about the kids (I thought that was thoughtful), commented on how good we looked and how he was glad to see us again, etc. all along with this very surprised look of disbelief and disorientation on his face.

He offered to "break bread" with me. Another good sign that all was well between us.

While the opening bands were playing (quack, quack, qua, quack, quack quack - sorry but that's all the "singer" of the second band would "sing" into the mic), Gary and I and H.R. made small talk. Gary got me back stage and onto the bus to say hi to Earl who recognized me but didn't remember who I was (I thought this strange that Earl didn't remember but Gary did since I hung more with Earl then Gary (?)) - H.R. was doing the smooth operator moves on some chick at the bar (some things never change).

The Show...

The band was amazing as usual even though Earl didn't seem that animated. What truly bummed me out was, I saw the greatest front man in the history of punk/hard-core last night ruin the energy, intensity and sheer awesomeness that is the band Bad Brains.

H.R.'s bonoesque fly sun glasses and camcorder routine while he carelessly slurred the lyrics to what are some of the greatest songs ever written made me want to slap him. It was as if he was mocking the very thing that made him. I felt bad for the band.

They played for about an hour and H.R. didn't give an attempt at singing till about the last 20 mins. He did of course show more interest in the reggae. Let me tell you something: Darryl Jennifer's bass tone is god!

Instead of an encore, Joseph rambled on about who knows what for nearly 20 mins (it was embarrassing) and then that was it.

As I was afraid of, it was a mere shadow of what once was. I would say I saw Bad Brains at 30% last night but we still had fun.

Stage dive anyone?

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

I treated myself to a round of 18 after work yesterday at the par 3 course near the house. I got through in under 2.5 hours.
I'm still working on that iron issue I mentioned but it is improving. I shot a +11/65... not bad. I still need a lot of improving.

Bad Brains tonight!

Monday, June 18, 2001

Bad Brains tomorrow night. The thought of seeing them is bittersweet. I know it's not going to be like it used to be and I'm afraid I'm going to go see a shadow of what once was.

My first Brains show was in 1983 at the Olympic Auditorium. H.R. was a no show so the bass player (his name escapes me) for Scream (another D.C. band) filled in for him.

The next time I saw them was at Fender's Ballroom, 1987 - the I Against I tour. That was so amazing. I hadn't become a friend of the band yet.

The last time I saw the real Bad Brains was the Country Club, 1989 - the Quickness tour. That was even more amazing then the Fenders show.

I'll tell you how it went.

Friday, June 15, 2001

At the end of the day, I'm just thankful that I still have a job.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

This doesn't surprise me. I am still a DSL subscriber, even after being in DSL Hell!

Monday, June 11, 2001

This should prove interesting if Mr. Government let's him do it.

Friday, June 08, 2001

I finally got something up at Spy Glass Blue.

Check out the new Forum.

Thursday, June 07, 2001

Well. Another busy week here at the job.

The song, "Whispering Willow", that I'm playing at saturday's wedding is coming along nicely but my meeting didn't go that great last night. The client will have to postpone their dreams of owning a dream site. So, we pursue 2 more leads instead... ahh, business.

The label was very pleased with the track I sent them for their compilation/roster CD. I'll let you know when it's out and when and where the MP3 will reside. Now I need to build that website.

Going to spend the better part of the weekend working on the kilt site. My baby X is going to be 15 this Sunday... I can't believe it. Where did half my life go?


Monday, June 04, 2001

Light Machine is mixed down to DAT and going to the label via FedEx today.

Scarborough on Saturday and a round of 9 afterward were barely possible due to the godless summer heat which is upon us and it's only going to get worst. Prepping for Saturday's wedding tonight with the bride to be and my violinist. Meeting with the realtor on Wednesday to finally scope her site project out. ttyl

Friday, June 01, 2001

Wow. It's been 2 weeks already since my last blog. I still haven't seen Moulin Rouge.

I've been hammered at work, working on freelance projects after work and doing a lot of stuff with the fam on the weekends. I've played some golf and I need to update the golf page with the last few horrible games I've played. X and C have been at camp all week and S has been sleeping over at friends so T and I have had some time to ourselves this week. We don't look forward to the time any of our kids decide to move out. That's going to suck...

We, (the fam) have been doing Scarborough on the weekends except for Memorial Day weekend, we went to an SCA event (no, we're not members) - Stepps Warlord. It was our second time. Got a very cool short sword there and some very cool gauntlets. The Scottish Festival is in town this weekend so we'll swing by there tonight after I dump "Light Machine" to DAT and send it off to the label for mastering and manufacturing. Scarborough ends this weekend so we'll be there again. I love all that shite!

More later...