Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is the end and ho ho ho

So the end of 2010 is rapidly approaching.

We spent nearly 6 months on the road this year so the last time I looked it was April. That's the main thing that's hardest about touring; your year disappears.

I remember back in the '80's thinking that Jesus would return by now and saying something like, "can you imagine dating a check 2010? He'll be back before then..." 2010... they made a movie about it.

I became a grandfather this year. Wow, you know you're old when the singer for Scaterd Few becomes a grandfather. Julien is his name and he's amazing. I love that little guy.

I think I learned some things about myself this year that concern me. Things that other people think about me. People who's opinions matter. Right or wrong, if that's their perception then I need to change that perception.

I have a lot on my plate this winter. Even though we have plenty of others to lighten the load it still seems like I'll get stuck with the majority of it. Funny how it always works out that way. Funny frustrating...

Blogging. My FB Status Updates get me in enough trouble and since they're usually Twitter posts and limited to 140, this thing could really cause some WASP's to come after me. Maybe I'll get bolder as times goes by and hopefully I won't take years to post the next one...

You know, Christmas was the greatest time of year for me growing up. It was guaranteed that my dad would be in a good mood towards us at least until New Years weekend and it was a blast! We would start at my dad's mom's house, Grandma Domkus, for a traditional Lithuanian Christmas Eve dinner of assorted and various cold fish. There was only one dish that I could stomach so as we grew up and were able to we would duck out to the nearest McDonalds.

After dinner we would have to sit around waiting for the adults to join us in the living room and the stack of presents that awaited us. The house was decorated but not like the way a lot of Texans do here where Christmas throws up in their home. Traditional Christmas music would be playing... we would really rake it in on Christmas Eve at Grandma Domkus' house.

On to the Camacho's! Ralph was my dad's best friend since high school and I think one of the first friends my dad made when his family moved to Los Angeles from Chicago. Through Ralph my dad would be introduced to the Columbian friends that would eventually lead up to meeting my mom at one of their infamous party's. We didn't go to Ralph and Sharon's house every Christmas Eve but when we did it was awesome. This is where we would get the chance to sneak in a little alcohol in the form of some beer in your cola. A big deal when you're a little kid. It was quite the festive atmosphere. A huge contrast to the traditional family approach at Grandma's. There were always gifts for us kids there as well.

Next, it was off to America's house. America was my great aunt on my mother's side. All that side of the family would be there and because my great grandmother lived with America my mom's parents, Nana and Papi, would be there. America's family tradition was ham and potato salad at midnight and we were always on time for that. Very festive (they're Columbian) and my grandfather's famous role of gift distribution was legendary. Well, at least to us it was. This is where we would get to meet or see again many of the family's South American friends and relatives. Not too many gifts for the Domkus kids here. The big treat for me was hanging with my 2 youngest second cousins, Edgar and Billy.

Back home. It was easily 2-3 am by now. We would unload the car of the bounty we had received, turn on some Christmas music or a Christmas special on TV, jump into new pajamas get comfy because now it was dad's turn to play Santa. Yup, more gifts and these were always the best! I remember going to bed by 4-4:30 most Christmas Eve's growing up as a kid. Life was better then good that time of year.

Christmas morning and lo and behold, presents under the tree!!!! Yes, our parents would save the ultimate best for last on Christmas morning. The feeling of being outside in the cool air on Christmas morning with your new toys or whatever is indescribable but one I can still feel and smell. This would be short lived because it was off to Grandma Domkus' house by 1pm for the most amazing traditional turkey feast you could ever have! Oh yeah, did I mention we would get a couple Christmas Day gifts there too?

Now, upon reading this you might think that Christmas was all about presents for me (lolol. of course it was!!). Other then the fact that this was the best time of year because my dad would actually be approachable and in a good mood, it was all about the presents! It's Christmas!

And I think that's my point.
I think, no, I know I would have an easier time with Christmas if we didn't insist on making it all about this Jesus birth thing, something it plainly isn't and just kept it what it should be: a great time of family, food and fun.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome Back!

So I was wondering about how long I've been involved with the online social space and trying to figure out how long I've been on FB (weird that you can't do that without the original confirmation email which I can't find. I did find an email addy change request from 08.2008) when I remembered this blog that I haven't posted to in, well, years.

This blog is nine years old and I should make it a habit to post every once in awhile. Considering the amount of posting I do on Twitter and FB (/AllanAguirre), I'm not sure how much new or relevant info would find it's self on these pages.

I guess we'll find out...