Monday, April 02, 2001

Golf on Friday was excellent. The weather was perfect.
I was playing really good and looking at 90-92 till about the 14th hole and then I blew up, never to recover. I still made some really good shots that I've been re-playing in my mind. I'm not sure how I pulled them off.

That client I blogged about the other day... the check should be in my hand this week :)

Spent half of Saturday working on the front yard with T. We have a huge piece of land (.9 acres), at least it feels huge when you're out there trying to keep it looking nice. We were able to accomplish about 15% of what we need to do and that's just landscaping. It's a bit overwhelming. I know I promised pictures but I avoided the home office over the weekend.

So now Bartlesville, OK isn't just famous for being the home town of POD's manager. It was mentioned as being the home town of Meadow's psycho college dorm room-mate on the Sorprano's last night. Talk about an intense show. It lives up to it's MA rating.