Thursday, April 08, 2004

Better Late Then Never

Cindy's post about "Are PDA's Dead" and Larry's post about "What I did with my Palm last weekend" really made me start to think about the benefit and convenience of owning / utilizing a PDA in your day to day.

I consciously avoided getting a PDA for close to 4 years. Not that I didn't want one. I did. I just didn't want to get sucked into another "distraction" which would easily feed my wannabe techy personality.

Then about 4 months ago, while visiting a new church, right before the Pastor started to preach, he holds up his hand, sort of waving it in the air and what do you think was snuggly wrapped inside it... a T|T3. He asked, "how many of you still don't have one of these"?... can you say conviction... and then proceeded to preach from his PDA.

We visited that church again the next 2-3 weeks and before starting every sermon he would do the same thing; arm raised, waving slowly as to coax my addictive personality. "How many of you still don't have one of these"? That was it. I submitted.

My birthday was coming up so I decided that I only wanted one thing. A Tungsten T|T3. And just like I predicted, my addictive personality rose it's ugly head and I started consuming everything I could about these little handhelds... my precious. Frankly, I don't know how I lasted this long without one.

I run an Artist Representation firm with over 16 active clients. The majority are music related acts that tour locally, regionally and some nationally. We also consult a good number of them in the ways of this thing we call the business of music. We have a constant flow of 6 - 10 "prospective" clients on average every month to weed through and juggling all of this insanity is my trusty Tungsten T|T3.

The stock calendar with it's 4 views and color coded category lists are reason enough alone to purchase one of these gems. Being able to look at the week and month views in all their color coded glory... breathtaking. The tasks list, the freeware, let's not forget sites like this one and Brighthand; indispensable assets to the world of business!

One of the most amazing things about my T|T3 is the ability to carry our most promising artists anywhere, anytime. Let me explain.

It's Saturday night and you're out on the town at the hippest concert venue schmoozing with some "Hollywood" agent you never knew you were going to run into. You're not carrying your bands media press kit on your person. Who would be? But with my T|T3, I can confidently take it out of it's stylish black case and proceed to not only play Mr. Hollywood the latest and greatest MP3 in beautiful stereo, I can also show him the bands one sheet in either PDF or Power Point, their promotional photos in a slideshow and then close the deal by bringing up the color coded concert dates they have spanning the next 4-6 weeks! All while enjoying a couple pints of Guinness.

Of course, a mere 6 hours later I'll hear those familiar words again... "How many of you still don't have one of these"? while I search the New King James Version on my Personal Dedicated Assistant.