Friday, April 16, 2004

Omarosa Stallworth is a lying and conniving ....., as suggested on The Apprentice early on. She's evil incarnate!

We saw her true colors early on. It was obvious that she lacked the basic fundamentals of integrity, that she was a liar, deceiving, lazy and bitched about everything.

Finally, last week, as clear as day, she was caught lying, flat out lying and deceiving Kwame, her employer, on film. Then she does it again tonight. Simply not doing her task and not answering her radio was enough to disqualify her from anything and everything. Especially her allegations of racial slurring. Controversial? No. Evil.

Funny how she's going to be rewarded for displaying some of the worst human characteristics possible by getting a book deal and speaking engagements as if she was a role model for African American women... I would think someone would be put off by that possibility... but then again, she did work for Clinton and Gore. Go figure.