Friday, July 20, 2001

It's already Friday.

At TOM Fest we got a chance to hangout with Headnoise. I hadn't seen Robert and Edie for 3 years. T hadn't seen them for about 4. Their new CD sounds huge! It comes out next week on Grrr Records.

We also got to say hi to the POD boys after their show. It was good to see them. The last time I talked with them was in '98 right after they signed to Atlantic, so other then MTV, etc, I hadn't seen them since all of their sucess had happened. The best thing about it was that it hasn't changed them for the worst. I got the impression that it's changed them for the best. Is that possible? My former manager is thier manager and they set us up with 10 passes for tonight's show at Six Flags. They mentioned something about 8000 pre-sales for the show... damn.

My Great Kilt came in early this week as well. I have to return the ghillie brouges for an English 7 1/2 instead of the English 8's I ordered and they sent me the wrong sporran so that's going back too. No big deal.

Getting into the Great Kilt (no that's not me) is such an amazing task. How did they think that up? My kilt is beautiful in the County Cavan tartan.