Thursday, July 05, 2001

Well, I forgot to take the digi cam yesterday. yeah, yeah...

I shot badly but still broke 100. I shot a 99.

So on Monday night, before going to bed my left ear is bothering me, a bit sore. No biggie I think. On Tuesday at work it's really bothering me. It's all plugged up, swollen, sore and it's a bit painful and very uncomfortable. It felt like i could pull a big bug out of it with tweezers. I figure it'll go away. I wake up yesterday and it feels worst but asprin is helping so I'm doing that but it's really sore and painful. By the afternoon I'm miserable. This morning I go to the doctor and he says I have swimmers ear (damn lake) and sets me up with pills and drops. It's still sore, there's still some pain and swelling and I have a cotten ball wadded up in there to keep the drops from leaking out... my whole left side is plugged up.

Going to watch Snatch tonight.