Tuesday, July 03, 2001

So we get to our destination, Lake Quachita, by around 11:30ish Friday night. It's a little less then 300 miles and took roughly 7 hours with a stop for dinner, etc. and we hit a few patches of rain in Ar Kansas, nothing much.

We hook up the rv (gotta love it, 1 garden hose and an electrical plug-in, done) while the JA's set up their tent (we help, of course) and it's off to bed. At around 5:30 am we get hit by a pretty big thunder/lightening storm. There goes my plan to rent a boat first thing in the morning. It rains steadily til around noon. How depressing.

The guy at the marina says they stopped stocking trout over a year ago so I'm going to have to fish for bass. Not something you really want to do without a boat. I go to the shore near our encampment with night crawlers. For the next couple of hours the kids and I get a bunch of hits (pan fish eating the worms off of our bass sized hooks) but no hook ups except for X who lands an easy 3 lb smallmouth on a power lizard. Our only catch all weekend.

Saturday evening/night were delightful weather wise and after a good hearty camping meal we built a mini-bon fire for the roasting of marshmellows.

After an uneventful night and an unsuccessful morning of fishing, we packed up camp and were ready to hit the road by noon on Sunday.

We checked and replenished the automatic transmission fluid but it was slipping in drive. To make a long story short, 4 quarts and 56 miles in 4 hours later, I was seriously questioning if we were going to get home. Finally, after a very stressful afternoon, drive kicked in by the time we got to the west bound 30, getting us home a lot later then we planned, but getting us home.