Friday, March 19, 2004

After doing the basic email chores this morning, I went to the studio to mix the local band I've been working with. Came out good. There are definitely some very good moments on this ep. Vocally, sometimes, it reminds me of L.A.'s Wasted Youth and some other bands circa '81-'83.

More emails, some site updates, micro-managing, etc and then the evening break with the misses.

My second shift is consisting of more emails, site updates and the occasional surf but best of all, I'm downloading my contacts from my Nokia 6800 (no Bluetooth) to my T3 via infrared.

I'm looking into the 6820 (Bluetooth) even though I would prefer the 6810 (Bluetooth - out in 2nd quarter) because it doesn't have a camera.

Anyway. 12:30am and we're still woking (Brian and I). Our other agent, Michelle, just got here.