Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The dogs, Mellow and Riley, really pissed me off this morning.

I was on my way to do some errands and I saw Riley come out the front door and look at me from the walkway. I got out of the car, slowly, and called to him. He gave me this "do I run or obey" look. Remember that look between the bad guy and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone at the OK Corral? That kind of moment / look. Well, he decided to run.

No more then 3 steps and a yellow blur rushes by him... Mellow. Riley decides this must be play time and goes into a full run after mellow (Riley is 60 lbs already and he's fast and strong). I start screaming their names to come back, running after them. Nothing...

Well, I chased them and called for them for about 2 blocks before calling the house for backup (read: bring the car - I'm old). I finally catch up with them a block later, and these are really long blocks, while Jason (Riley Agent / drummer for The Subject) pulls up in the car. Riley decides to come to me but is dodging and doubling back (this is fun and exciting for him... he's 6 months old). Meanwhile, mellow, seeing that Riley is actually thinking about submitting, takes off again. Riley, preoccupied with the possibility of obeying doesn't see mellow run but is still evading me. I take a few steps towards him and he runs, playfully, dodging until the sound of my voice prompts him to come towards me again. He takes a few strides towards me, I reach out, he tries to dodge me but I get a good handful of his neck and he does what he should have done at the front of the house; fall to the ground in submission like the bitch that I'm going to make him for having me chase him 1/4 of a mile. I throw, yes, throw Riley into the car.

I start driving towards where mellow went. He sees the car, knows he's screwed and high tails it again until I call him. He comes towards the car, Jason gets out to grab him but again he runs, this time towards the house with Jason in hot pursuit.

I start to back up and turn the car around and there in front of me is animal control. Damn, just in time. I catch up to where Jason is trying to get mellow to come to him, roll down the window and yell for mellow. I am so pissed off right about now that the rage in my voice (I think) makes him come towards the car where Jason grabs him and throws him into the back seat. I'm so pissed.

We get home. I put mellow in his outside pen where he'll be for the next frickin' week and then Riley into his crate where he'll be for days as far as I'm concerned.

I got back in the car and ran my errands, came home, up to the office and about 15 mins later, X goes, "I let Riley out about 10 mins ago because he had been in his crate for about an hour......"

Now who's the bitch...